Oasis Mortgage Group Pty Ltd (OMG) specializes in loan facilitation for private funded loans submitted through Finance Brokers and Mortgage Managers.

These include: Commercial, Rural, Residential and Development properties. Oasis Mortgage Group Pty Ltd are not funders/lenders and we do not arrange no doc loans.

We can also assist in the facilitation of JV proposals in certain circumstances.

Standard loan application process:‐

  1. Once we receive the inquiry, we assess it using our proprietary software to see if your needs match the lending profile of any of our funders.
  2. If we feel we can assist you we will come back to you with the indicative terms. This is not an offer to lend.
  3. If you are agreeing to those indicative terms, we will prepare a Terms Sheet or Loan Mandate detailing those indicative terms as well as otherterms and conditions including fees.
  4. If the Terms Sheet or Loan Mandate is acceptable you would sign and return it along with all the supporting documentation requested and pay any fee requested, if any.
  5. Upon receipt of all information it will be assessed to determine just how we can assist you.
  6. Where we are able to secure an immediate offer direct from a funder the determination of the property value will be handled by them.
  7. Where the proposed loan will not fit the criteria of a funder without the value of the security property being determined we would require a valuation report not more than 30 days old. If one is not available, then Oasis Mortgage Group Pty Ltd would arrange for the property to be valued by a valuer as part of the process of “Determination of the security property value”. The valuer is paid from the fee for the determination of the property value. The Determination of the Property value involves far more than just a property inspection. Extensive local inquiries may be made to validate any value quoted in the valuer’s report. If the application process takes longer than 30 days the valuer may be asked to update their report.
  8. Upon receipt of the requested information everything and has been found satisfactory, the full application proposal will be submitted to an appropriate funder/s or their agent.
  9. If there are difficulties with the application at that time we may suggest other options that may be available.
  10. If after submission to a funder or to another funder and they require a new valuation report to be done Oasis Mortgage Group Pty Ltd will credit back to you any fee you paid to Oasis Mortgage Group Pty Ltd by way of a comparable discount in the success fees paid to Oasis Mortgage Group Pty Ltd upon settlement of your loan ensuring that you are not out of pocket.
  11. If after submission to a funder, they require additional information Oasis Mortgage Group Pty Ltd will advise you and you will need to provide it in a timely manner.
  12. In all cases Oasis Mortgage Group Pty Ltd will continue to assist you so long as you want that assistance and a result may possible.

O t h e r t e r m s

  1. Terms Sheets are conditional and subject to continued due diligence inquiries and subject to change without prior notice.
  2. Where interest is capitalized the borrower/s must still be able to demonstrate they have the capacity to service the loan on the basis of monthlyin arrears payments.
  3. You must disclose all information that Oasis Mortgage Group Pty Ltd and or its advisers and or its associates and a lender’s adviser and orassociates could reasonably want to know about you, your past and about the intended use of the proposed loan funds.
  4. Finance may be available on the terms noted in the Terms Sheet subject to final acceptance by all parties.
  5. Unless otherwise stated, all fees once paid are non refundable.
  6. Other than what is contained in the indicative Terms Sheet, you have not relied on any promise or representation by anybody when deciding to enter the transaction.
  7. Oasis Mortgage Group Pty Ltd and or its advisers and or its associates and a lender’s adviser and or associates reserve the right to revise the termsand conditions and of the proposed loan at any time and to withdraw this offer to assist at anytime.
  8. You confirm that any information, written or verbal, provided to the facilitator by your broker or advisers is to be treated as if it were provided by yourself.
  9. You should not make any commitments what‐so‐ever based on the Terms Sheet.
  10. Oasis Mortgage Group Pty Ltd are not the lender of record.
  11. The conditions in the Terms Sheet are an indicative summary of requirements to enable this application to progress.
  12. The Terms Sheet is not designed to comprise a formal letter of offer.
  13. Where a Terms Sheet or similar is returned after an return date stated in the documents all details/terms are subject to review.
  14. Valuation reports are done on an “as is” basis and exclude plants, crops, specialized buildings, potential, value, end value and any businesscomponent unless otherwise stated in the document. Property values are determined based on Vacant/Mortgagee Possession.
  15. Where multiple adjacent securities are involved values may be determined based on an “in‐line” value.
  16. The determination of the cost of the security property value is an additional costs/fees from which Oasis Mortgage Group Pty Ltd will pay the valuer who will be doing the property inspection.
  17. The fee for the determination of the property value must be paid prior to the inspection being conducted.
  18. The exist strategy to be found satisfactory.
  19. Any Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) and Gross Realization Value (GRV) quoted are indicative only.
  20. Where GRV is quoted normal property valuation considerations will apply.
  21. All information provided must be verifiable.
  22. Where progressive loan drawdowns are required they will be at the discretion of the lender of record and any updated progress valuations may be required. These valuation updates are done at the expense of the proposed borrower.
  23. A copy of the valuation reports is not normally provided.
  24. All terms on this page are subject to change without notice.