Unlock Your Client’s Construction Project’s Potential with Oasis Low Doc Construction Finance! You Set Your Fee

Are you struggling to secure competitive construction/development finance due to incomplete projects or a lack of pre-sales? Don’t worry! Oasis has the perfect solution for you. Our low-doc development finance is designed to provide flexible funding options without the burden of strict pre-sales requirements or the need for extensive financial documentation.

Over 1600 failed construction companies this year alone

Traditionally, banks and major financial institutions have been the go-to source for property development projects. However, their stringent criteria often demand up-to-date financials and a substantial number of pre-sales or pre-leases. This can create significant challenges for developers like yourself. But fear not, Oasis offers privately funded, low doc construction finance as a reliable, viable, and attractive alternative.

Let’s explore the key advantages of choosing Oasis Low Doc Construction Finance:

1. No Pre-Sales Required: Unlike traditional lenders, we don’t demand pre-sales targets before approving your finance. This means you can commence your project earlier, complete it faster, and turn over your equity much sooner.

2. No Financials Required: Worried about providing extensive financial documentation? With Oasis, you can leave those concerns behind. We understand that not every developer has the luxury of comprehensive financial records, and we tailor our finance options accordingly.

3. Borrower-Friendly: We believe in giving opportunities to all, even those with a bad credit history or limited project development experience. Oasis is here to support you on your construction journey.

4. Fast Turnaround Times: Time is money, and we value your time. Our streamlined processes ensure quick approval and efficient turnaround times, so you can focus on what matters most – your project.

5. Owner Builders Welcome: If you’re an owner builder, Oasis is here to provide you with construction finance tailored to your unique needs. We understand the challenges you face and are committed to helping you succeed. Non-code only.

6. Embrace Incomplete Projects: Don’t let unfinished projects hold you back. We are willing to consider incomplete projects, providing you with the support you need to bring them to completion.

7. Offshore Borrowers Accepted: Geographical boundaries should not limit your ambitions. Oasis extends its financing options to offshore borrowers, empowering you to seize opportunities worldwide. Non-code only.

Now, let’s discuss how Oasis Low Doc Construction Finance can help you overcome opportunity costs and maximize your return on investment:

– Interest costs during the land bank period can significantly impact profitability. By choosing our finance options, you won’t have to wait for pre-sales targets to be achieved, allowing you to commence earlier and mitigate these costs.

– Holding costs during the land bank period can eat into your profits. With our low doc finance, you can minimize these costs by starting construction without the need for pre-sales, ensuring a quicker turnaround.

– Upfront marketing expenses and sales commissions can be substantial obstacles. By avoiding the need to sell stock at a discount to meet pre-sale hurdles, you can preserve the value of your project and improve its overall valuation.

– Selling stock at realistic prices once construction has commenced can yield better returns. By delaying sales to the back end, you can take advantage of a rising market, potentially increasing your ROI significantly.

In addition to these benefits, Oasis GRV-based low-doc property development finance allows you to borrow more money on your project, reducing the equity you need to commit. This flexibility is particularly valuable in growing markets, where selling units upon completion allows you to capitalize on capital growth during the building period.

Don’t let the limitations of traditional lenders hinder your success. Take advantage of Oasis Low Doc Construction Finance and experience the freedom to create, build, and profit without unnecessary barriers.

Choose Oasis and unlock the true potential of your client’s construction project.

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