Australia’s $200M Mansion: A Toilet-Filled Wonderland

When it comes to Australia’s most expensive home, the rumors are as juicy as the price tag. “Aussie” John Symond’s $200 million Point Piper palace, Wingadal, has long been shrouded in mystery – and the talk of 24 toilets.

A Lavish Loo-Filled Lair

Symond, the mortgage mogul behind Aussie Home Loans, spared no expense when building his palatial party pad. Rumor has it the 6-bedroom mansion boasts a staggering 24 toilets. That’s more thrones than a royal family!

An Entertainer’s Dream (If You Can Find the Bathroom)

Designed for hosting lavish soirees, Wingadal features a ballroom fit for 500 guests, multiple kitchens, and sprawling terraces. But good luck finding the loo amidst all those toilets! Symond’s parties must require a Sherpa guide to navigate the bathroom situation.

A Private Museum… of Toilets?

In addition to its absurd number of lavatories, Wingadal is also home to an impressive art collection, including works by Brett Whiteley and Roy Lichtenstein. Though we imagine the real star attractions are the custom-gilded toilet seats.

The Elusive $200M Tour

Despite its notoriety, few have actually seen the inside of Wingadal. Even seasoned real estate writers have been denied access, with one lamenting: “I’ve worked with him for years and I’ve never made it past this floor.” Perhaps Symond is saving the full toilet tour for the lucky $200 million buyer.


This is a saterical review of the article in the Daily Telegraph titled: Untold secrets of Australia’s only $200m home